12/21: Our full paper has been selected by SIAM SDM'21.
  (acceptance rate of 21.25% with 400 submissions and 85 of them were accepted.)
12/15: Our tutorial has been selected by SIAM SDM'21(SDM is a top data mining conference.)
12/02: Selected for the NeurIPS'20 registration fee reimbursement via the 3rd Robot Learning Workshop (NeurIPS'20 is a top conference in machine learning.)
11/19: Invited to talk at the department of surgery, UTRGV.
11/17: Letter of Intent in Pilot Study Program for the Rio Grande Valley Alzheimer’s Disease was selected.
  (invited to the next step: submit a full proposal.)
11/02: Serve as program committee for International Conference on Intelligent Environments -- IE21.
10/21: congraz for defended phd thesis Awardee of Google exploreCSR grant. congraz for defended phd thesis
10/21: Serve as ACM Student Research Competition program committee for SIGCSE 2021.
10/14: Our AAAI’21 paper was promoted to the phase II review.
  ( AAAI is a top AI conference, approximately 62% were promoted to Phase II and 38% were rejected.)
10/12: Received Google Cloud COVID-19 research credits.
09/18: Invited to talk at the Computer Science Seminar, the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus.
09/16: Abstract is accepted at Infrastructure and Construction Webinar - Urban Planning Session, 2020
09/10: Invited to talk at Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers, UTRGV.
09/08: Our paper has been accepted in Sensors.
08/20: Invited to talk at Neuroscience Seminar, UTRGV.
08/20: Invited to talk at Human–Computer Interaction Seminar, UTRGV.
08/20: Invited to talk at Open Problem in Computer Science Seminar, UTRGV.
08/19: congraz for defended phd thesisI successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis.congraz for defended phd thesis
08/17: I received the registration fee waived to attend ACM RecSys'20.
08/01: I received a student registration award to attend KDD 2020 (and partial KDD2021 registation credit).
07/30: I serve as a Program Committee for Web Mining and Content Analysis track at WWW'21.
06/10: I serve as a Program Committee for the International Workshop on Big Data Reduction (IWBDR'20), a worshop of IEEE BigData20.
06/05: I got the professional development grants (funded by graduate & professional student association).
04/03: I will join the U of Texas -- Rio Grande Valley as a tenure-track assistant professor in Fall 2020.

11/18/2019: Our paper has been accepted in Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments.
05/29/2019: My application to the ACM-IMS Interdisciplinary Summit on the Foundations of Data Science has been accepted (funded by NSF),SF, CA (June 15th, 2019).
05/15/2019: My poster proposal has been accepted for the General Poster Session at Grace Hopper Celebration 2019, Orlando, FL (Oct 1-4, 2019).
04/18/2019: I serve as a technical program committee of SmartStudents'19, a workshop of SMARTCOMP'19.
03/28/2019: I got the travel grant to attend SDM (funded by Intel and NSF).
03/18/2019: My application to the SDM Doctoral Forum has been accepted, Alberta, Canada (May 2nd - 4th).
03/08/2019: I received the 2nd place in the 3 minutes thesis competition for Ph.D. candidates, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, WSU.
03/04/2019: I will represent the computer science department to compete Three Minutes Thesis in Violand College of Engineering and Architecture.
02/01/2019: I got the scholarship to attend Strata Data Conference in San Francisco, CA (March 25th- 28th).
01/24/2019: I will be a speaker at Analytics and Data Summit 2019 in Redwood, CA (March 12th- 14th).
01/18/2019: I will teach Cpts 121 (Program Desgin and Development C/C++) in Summer 2019 Session I (May 6th - June 14th).
01/07/2019: I accepted the summer 2019 intern offer from Dell, Seattle, WA (June 17th - August 16th).

12/19/2018: I will give a guest lecture about SVM for the class Introduction to Machine Learning ( March 19th).
09/28/2018: I passed the Ph.D. preliminary exam.
08/05/2018: Our paper is accpted by IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (J-BHI)
04/05/2018: I got the travel grant to attend Google I/O 2018, May 8th - 10th, Mountain View, CA.
04/02/2018: I am selected to participate in the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine 2018 Hackathon, April 13th-15th, WA.
02/21/2018: I passed the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam.
02/09/2018: Our poster abstract has been accepted for presentation at 2018 GPSA Research Exposition, March 30th.
10/07/2017: I accepted summer 2018 intern offer from Honeywell, Atlanta, GA.